Truck and equipment parking

 Truck Parking 

Park Smart - Park Storco!

Storco have the largest truck parking facility on the Gold Coast offering you 24/7 access. Centrally located on the Gold Coast, adjacent to the M1 Motorway and next to the Bunnings Trade Centre makes it ideal for businesses, contractors and tradesmen in the area.  Vehicles are allocated permanent bay numbers which help to avoid congestion and confusion at the yard. 


Truck parking

Parking your truck on the road in your neighbourhood can be dangerous and in some areas it is illegal. Don't risk costly council parking fines or neighbourhood disputes, rather park at Storco!

See Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 2009, Section 200(2).

''Heavy or long vehicles, such as trucks, caravans, trailers, boats or buses, must not stop on a length of road in residential and commercial built up areas for longer than one hour. 'Long vehicle' means a vehicle that, together with any load or projection, is 7.5 metres long or longer. 'Heavy vehicle' means a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 4.5 tonnes or more.''

TRUCK PARKING from $425 per month (incl GST)

Up to 10 meters $425 Per Month
Over 10 meters (including 12 Pallet truck) $470 Per Month
Semi Trailer and Prime Mover / Bus $515 Per Month

Truck parking located next to M1
Truck parking located next to M1

Equipment and machinery storage

Park your machinery, trailers, and equipment in one place. When they are not in use, they can be difficult to store in garages or on properties. Many communities have strict rules about keeping trailers or machinery on the property or in driveways. This means you need to find a safe and reliable place to park when it is not in use. Storco offers the ideal location at very competitive prices.

If you have something unusual that you wish to store safely, ask the team.

EQUIPMENT AND MACHINERY STORAGE from $220 per month (incl GST)

Diggers and Bobcats
Diggers and Bobcats